The Union of Swiss Societies for Experimental Biology (USGEB) known today as Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing biological sciences within the Swiss Academic Community, and to addressing the social, ethical, and economic issues raised by the rapid progress of the biomedical and life sciences.

LS2 (USGEB) is an association of independent member and affiliated societies to better serve the interests of the individual members of the single societies. From 2016, LS2 will constitute of a single society with the following sections:

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences



LS2 (USGEB) organizes the LS2 Annual Meeting, a two-day conference for all member and affiliated societies, as well as guest societies (www.ls2-annual-meeting.ch). In addition, LS2 organizes satellite symposia (www.meetings.ls2.ch), and provides young investigators with travel grants allowing them to participate in scientific meetings. Many of or actions are made possible by the generous support of SCNAT.

LS2 (USGEB) is committed to the dialogue between the scientific community and the society at large. It serves as a spokesperson towards governmental agencies and authorities in matters concerning scientific knowledge, expertise, and legal issues.