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Cratschla 1/16
  • 2016

Cratschla 1/16

Die Entwicklung der Pflanzen auf Berggipfeln interessiert Botaniker im Rahmen des GLORIA-Projektes weltweit. Cratschla stellt deren Arbeit auf 8 Gipfeln in der Nationalparkregion vor.
GeoPanorama 02/2016
  • 2016

GeoPanorama 2/2016

Le bulletin suisse des Géosciences
IBS 2016/114
  • 2016

Information Biodiversité Suisse IBS Nr. 114

Des crapauds calamites en réseau
Nuovi progetti di ricerca (in tedesco)
  • 2016

Nuovi progetti di ricerca 2016 in UNESCO Biosfera Val Müstair Parc Naziunal

I progetti di ricerca recentemente approvati per 2016 dell'UNESCO Biosfera Val Müstair Parc Naziunal sono riassunte in un volantino.
Festreden / Discours solennels
  • 2016


Discours solennels des 200 ans de l’Académie suisse des sciences naturelles.
  • 2016

Weapons: making, selling and using them

Swiss legislators are currently debating dual-use goods, such as the kitchen knife, the perfect example of a product that is both utensil and weapon. They’re trying to find a solution to the inevitable moral issues that arise out of legislating the arms trade, in particular defining categories of military goods and of authorised export-destination countries.
Bericht ICAS Kolloquium 2016
  • 2016

Entwicklung in ländlichen Räumen und Bergregionen ohne Wachstumsperspektiven

Bericht zum ICAS-Kolloquium vom 15. Januar 2016 in Bern
IBS 2016/113
  • 2016

Information Biodiversité Suisse IBS Nr. 113

Les mites citadines sont moins attirées par la lumière
Making the Commodity Sector Work for Developing Countries
  • 2016

Making the Commodity Sector Work for Developing Countries - Local Impacts, Global Links, and Knowledge Gaps

Switzerland occupies an important position in the global trade of hard and soft commodities. Companies headquartered within its borders directly or indirectly shape commodity extraction practices around the world, some of which carry considerable negative environmental and social risks on the ground, particularly in fragile contexts. Minimizing these risks and maximizing shared economic gains could enable mutually beneficial development and counteract persistent social and political inequality.
Swiss academies factsheets

Swiss Academies Factsheets

Scientific experts contribute to the publication series “Factsheets” of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. Factsheets are short and concise presentations of a topic based on state-of-the-art research. They are designated for politics, administration, practice, education, media and further interested groups.


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