Scientific committee

Head of the education commitee

Dr. Isabelle Desbaillets

Members of the education committee

Dr. Philippe Bugnon

Dr. Mark Deurinck

Dr. Gisèle Ferrand

Dr. Marcel Gyger


Dr. Stephanie Wyss

Dr. Stephan Zeiter


3Rs consultant

Dr Stephanie Schindler


Picture of gerbil in research made available by Novartis
Picture of gerbil in research made available by Novartis

SGV annual meeting 2016

The SGV meeting 2016 will take place in Basel from the 13th to the 14th of September 2016.



Eligible as full members are persons who hold appropriate qualifications in biological, veterinary or medical sciences or who, by their experience and attainments, qualify as respected specialists in the field of laboratory animal science. Eligible as institutional members are persons or organizations intending to support the activities of the society.

The membership fees are currently 50.-CHF per year for an full member and 300.- CHF per year for an institutional member



Please send your application to Dr. Illgen-Wilcke.

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