Biology meeting

The Swiss conference on organismic biology

The "biology" conference is the yearly joint congress of the Swiss Zoological Society, the Swiss Botanical Society, and the Swiss Systematics Society.

One expected output of the meeting is to demonstrate the enthusiasm of researchers in Switzerland, and neighboring countries, for research activities in fields as diverse as evolutionary biology, systematics, biodiversity, ecology, evo-devo, and many more…

The conference provides the opportunity for young scientists from Swiss universities and research institutions to present their work in organismic biology.

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Biology17:  2-3 February 2017, Bern

The University of Bern will be hosting the next Swiss conference on organismic biology Biology17.  Note that the meeting will be a week earlier than usual. Registration and details will be given in the autumn.


Biology16 - Lausanne

This year the conference took place at the University of Lausanne, on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 February 2016.

public outreach events : science-public speed dating and poster for the general public


Biology15 in Zurich (EAWAG)

“Biology15” organization committee:

Arianne Maniglia, Marianne Leutzinger, Emanuel Fronhofer, and Jukka Jokela

13.03.2015: Biology15 is now over. A summary of the meeting can be found on the webpage.

Past Biology meetings

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