Musée de la nature Sion

SSSDay– 10-11 November 2016, Sion

This year’s Society annual meeting will take place at Sion, hosted by the Musée de la Nature.

Thursday 10 Nov: RevBayes workshop, led by Fredrik Ronquist (Dpt of Bioinformatics and Genetics, Swedish Museum of Natural History) and Seraina Klopfstein (UniBe and Natural History Museum Bern). RevBayes is a new software on Bayesian phylogenetic inference. It provides an interactive environment for statistical computation in phylogenetics: modeling, simulation, and Bayesian inference in evolutionary biology, particularly phylogenetics. The workshop will be included first an introduction to the software for beginners and, then some demonstrations on how RevBayes can be used to do very complex analyses.

At the end of the workshop, a visit of the museum will be given by Nicolas Kramar, director.

Friday 11 Nov: SSSDay with plenary lectures, regular and short student talks, the Master Prize Award, and the General Assembly of the Society. Lecturers include Fredrik Ronquist and Jean Mariaux (Natural History Museum Geneva).

The workshop and talks will be given at the salle des arsenaux: details will be given in September, when the registration starts.


(submission will open in September):