SSS-Day– Bern, 6 November 2015

This year’s Society annual meeting took place in Bern: we thank the Naturhistorisches Museum for hosting us.

Invited speakers:

Dr Robert Scotland (Oxford Univ.)  “Accelerating the pace of taxonomy”. The talk will illustrate and discuss how new species are discovered in the context of plant taxonomy, and describes an initiative to accelerate the pace of revising and discovering species.

Dr Christophe Praz (UniNe) "The challenges and future of bee systematics in Europe". Despite 200 years of taxonomy, the systematics of wild bees in Europe is still insufficiently known. This talk will address current issues and present opportunities for obtaining a better understanding of these important pollinators.

!NEW! “Practical Systematics” :
This new session is composed of short presentations followed by an open discussion on practical subjects relevant to systematics, including tools and softwares. Its aim is to increase the dissemination of information and discussions among the members during the SSSday.

We also had the General Assembly of the SSS and the Master Prize award.


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SSS Day 2015

Bern Natural History Museum

Bern Natural History Museum


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