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BioSyst.EU, 14–18 August 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden

BioSyst.EU represents European scientists dealing with topics of systematic biology. It considers itself as a collaborative counterpart to the Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF) where European Natural History Institutions have joined, whereas in BioSyst.EU individual scientists are to be represented via their national or regional societies.

The third meeting of the BioSyst.EU will be organized by the Swedish Systematics Association, Sweden and will take place in Gothenburg in August 14–18, 2017. More information on the meeting will be published in the summer 2016.

Systematics Association Biennial (2015)

Systematics - the science that underpins biology
26-28 August 2015 - University of Oxford

This three-day meeting of the Systematics Association will be held at the University of Oxford and comprises four thematic sessions and contributed papers.

  1. The value of long term monitoring plots for plant systematics and ecology in the tropics

  2. Comparative approaches to the origin of biodiversity

  3. Accelerating the pace of taxonomy

  4. Rooted in deep time: Palaeontological contributions to systematics



Meetings abroad

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Systematics Association Biennial (2015)