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SCNAT Wissen Netzwerk

SCNAT Annual Congress

The Annual Congress addresses a specific topic and is open to the public.
Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2013 au Palais de Rumine

Swiss Geoscience Meetings

The Swiss Geoscience Meetings provide the ideal environment for geoscientists to present the latest results of their research, but also to foster informal contacts and discussion among colleagues, in particular during the Swiss Geoscience Party on Friday evening but also at the poster sessions on Saturday. More than 600 geoscientists participate in the Swiss Geoscience Meeting every year.
Congrès SWIFCOB 2014


Die SWIFCOB (Swiss Forum on Conservation Biology) ist eine jährlich in Bern stattfindende Fachtagung des Forum Biodiversität Schweiz. Sie bringt jeweils rund 200 Akteure von Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft im Bereich Biodiversität zusammen und regt die Debatte zu aktuellen Fragstellungen und möglichen Lösungen bezüglich der Erhaltung Förderung und nachhaltigen Nutzung der Biodiversität an.
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Swiss Global Change Day

Le congrès «Swiss Global Change Day» présente les nouveautés de la recherche sur les changements globaux et esquisse les défis à venir dans le domaine de la recherche. En plus, les personnes de l’administration, de l’économie et de la politique ont la possibilité de poser des questions et d’expliquer leurs besoins et visions sur les thèmes présentés.
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Symposien Anpassung an den Klimawandel

Das Klima wird sich in der Schweiz in Zukunft weiter verändern. Mit zunehmendem Klimawandel nehmen die erwarteten Auswirkungen stark zu. Der Klimawandel und die Anpassung an dessen Auswirkungen stellen die Gesellschaft vor zahlreiche Herausforderungen.
Lifescience Zurich Learning Center

LS2 Annual Meetings

The LS2 Annual Meeting ist the yearly conference of Life Science Switzerland (LS2), umbrella organisation of Life Science in Switzerland and part of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT). Alongside our scientific programme with internationally renowned speakers, we also offer a variety of career development/soft skill sessions, as well as numerous workshops and discussion rounds, a large industry exhibition and 100+ posters presented by promising young academics.
Pflanzenwissenschaften - Erdbeere in Glühbirne

Jahrestagung der Schweiz. Gesellschaft für Pflanzenbauwissenschaften SGPW

Die Jahrestagung der SGPW ist eine öffentliche jährliche Tagung an welcher aktuelle Themen aus dem Bereich Pflanzenbau und Landwirtschaft in Form von Forschungsprojekten und Übersichtsreferaten präsentiert und diskutiert werden. Die Tagung richtet sich an alle am landwirtschaftlichen Pflanzenbau Interessierten aus Forschung, Lehre, Beratung, Industrie und Politik und bietet die Gelegenheit, aktuelle Forschungsfragen zu diskutieren.


Biology is the Swiss conference on organismic biology and the annual joint meeting of the Swiss Zoological Society, the Swiss Botanical Society, and the Swiss Systematics Society.
  • Annual meeting and general assembly

Swiss Entomological Society

Since 2015 the Swiss Entomological Society hosts its annual meeting under the new name of The goal is to provide a regular venue for entomologists from all disciplines and thus to offer an overview of current research in Switzerland. We welcome entomologists working in areas of basic research as well as applied entomology, and on any topic in systematics, ecology or conservation.
Transdisciplinarity Conferences

Transdisciplinarity Conferences

This conferences are organized by the Network for Transdisciplinary Research (td-net).
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Swiss Food Science Meeting

The Swiss Food Science Meeting (SFSM) is a platform for the scientific exchange of food analysis as well as analysis of food contact materials and cosmetics. Scientists, such as chemists, toxicologists, food engineers who work in industry, food laboratories, Universities, for governmental bodies or food control authorities are invited to join the SFSM and to present their latest findings.
ScienceComm'14 Teaserbild


The two-day annual conference ScienceComm brings together Swiss science communication experts and offers them a platform for exchanging views and information. The conference is intended for representatives of higher education institutions, science festivals, press and public relations offices, the arts, museums and institutes of education as well as science journalists and politicians involved in education policies. A different inspiring venue and main topics are chosen each year. The conference has succeeded in establishing itself in the space of five years, attracting about 200 participants on average. It offers a programme rich in variety, both in terms of content and methods, including well-known keynote speakers from Switzerland and abroad as well as an evening programme.
Sustainable University Day logo

Sustainable University Day

The Sustainable University Day ist the annual conference of the sd-universities programme.