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A Guide for Transboundary Research Partnerships (2nd edition - 2014)

11 Principles and 7 Questions

A Guide for Transboundary Research Partnerships:  11 principles & 7 questions

Transboundary and intercultural research in partnership is a continuous process of sound knowledge generation, building mutual trust, mutual learning and shared ownership.

The KFPE’s 11 principles underscore this process. However, there are many types of research in partner- ship; these have different requirements in terms of interaction, communication, and mutuality. This is particularly the case when cooperation takes place between poor and rich countries. In other words, the principles may have to be applied selectively depending on the partnership.

The 7 fundamental questions on transboundary research partnerships point to factors that hinder or enable partnerships in different contexts; they are designed to help readers better understand the nature and type of a given partnership.

Anno: 2012


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