Swiss Food Science Meeting

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The Swiss Food Science Meeting (SFSM) is a platform for the scientific exchange of food analysis as well as analysis of food contact materials and cosmetics. Scientists, such as chemists, toxicologists, food engineers who work in industry, food laboratories, Universities, for governmental bodies or food control authorities are invited to join the SFSM and to present their latest findings.

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Swiss Food Science Meeting 2015

Food Authenticity and Food Adulteration were major driving forces for establishing food law regulations world wide. Whereas our ancestors were analysing the water content of milk and wine, we recently are confronted with mislabelled horse meat. Especially expensive foodstuffs such as caviar, truffles or meat are in the focus of criminal minds in order to enhance their profits. Thus we can pretend with no doubt that the topic food authenticity and adulteration is both traditional and modern at the same time.