Intergovernmental Science-policy Plattform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)

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In April 2012, the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) was established, as the leading intergovernmental body for assessing the state of the planet's biodiversity, its ecosystems and the essential services they provide to society.

IPBES provides a mechanism recognized by both the scientific and policy communities to synthesize, review, assess and critically evaluate relevant information and knowledge generated worldwide by governments, academia, scientific organizations, non-governmental organizations and indigenous communities. This involves a credible group of experts in conducting assessments of such information and knowledge in a transparent way. IPBES is unique in that it will aim to strengthen capacity for the effective use of science in decision-making at all levels. Further Information at the IPBES website.

The Swiss Biodiversity Forum, in close collaboration with the Federal Office for the Environment, is organizing a national platform for IPBES (soon available on this site). If you want to receive IPBES news or are interested to contribute to one of the assessments, please send your contact details to eva.spehn@scnat.ch

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apr 19
  • Swiss Biodiversity Forum
  • Congresso per specialisti
  • Bern

Swiss IPBES Info-meeting, 19th April 2016, Bern

Inform yourself on all current activities and opportunities IPBES is offering, about its first results, and also learn about the new Technical Support Unit for the Regional Assessment of Europe and Central Asia at the University of Bern.
mar 3
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  • Swiss Biodiversity Forum
  • Conferenza pubblica
  • Bern

Swiss IPBES Info-meeting, 3rd of March 2015, Bern

Tuesday, 03.03.2015, 13:30 till 17:00, Institute of Plant Sciences (IPS) and Botanical Garden, Altenbergrain 23, Bern, Switzerland
nov 15
  • Congresso per specialisti
  • Laboratorio didattico
  • Bern

Kickoff meeting for the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) in Switzerland 2012

In April 2012, more than 90 nations agreed to set up the International Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service (IPBES), which aims to tackle the accelerating worldwide loss of biodiversity and degradation of ecosysterm service by bringing to policy makers scienctific assessments that are accurate, impartial and up-to-date. Science organisations and national governments are now to prepare for the first official meeting of the IPBES in January 2013 in Bonn, Germany (link) and to develop the first IPBES work program.