Co-producing Knowledge

The td-net’s toolbox features selected methods for jointly producing knowledge across different academic and non-academic fields of expertise.

Migration problems or potential consequences of synthetic biology innovations on our everyday lives have many facets. In order to understand and tackle such socially controversial issues, it is advisable to bring experts from different fields together. We cannot rely on the knowledge of a particular discipline or of scientific knowledge alone.  In addition to knowledge, also worldviews and political positions differ between researchers from the natural, social and medical sciences, the humanities, as well as across members of civil society, the public and the private sector: People perceive different things as problematic and make different value judgments. td-net’s toolbox offers methods to facilitate joint learning, understanding, knowledge production and solution finding among various experts and stakeholders.

The td-net’s toolbox for co-producing knowledge addresses academic researchers and teachers that (want to) work in inter- and transdisciplinary ways as well as everyone who is interested to, or takes part in, co-producing knowledge together with researchers.

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About td-net’s toolbox for co-producing knowledge

This topic is published by the Network for Transdisciplinary Research (td-net).

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